Foundation of the ISMINS

The International Society of Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery was founded on February 10th, 2011, in the city of Milan, Italy. The founders of the society were:

Giovanni Ugo Francesco Broggi | Italy
Armando Jorge Basso | Argentine
LING Feng | China
Giancarlo Guizzardi | Italy
Guillermo Saùl, Fernàndez Molina | Argentine
Enrique Ferrer Rodriguez | Spain
Lucia Benvenuti | Italy
Yoko Kato | Japan
Engelbert Knosp | Austria
Luiz Carlos de Alencastro | Brazil
Yves Keravel | France
Concezio Di Rocco | Italy

The mission of the ISMINS is to propagate worldwide the Minimaly Invasive Neurosurgery, which is a new concept. We will strive to achive this by:
-contributing to the spread of updated knowledge in this field with workshops, conferences, courses and international congresses where the exchange of views and experiences will enrich everyone's practice.
- expanding the scope of the minimally invasive techniques and promoting research and the implementation of new technologies and treatments.
- providing an international forum of discussion.