The association is composed of members (physical persons) who engage in the achievement of the bylaws goals and who are distinguished as:

Founding members: Those who have participated in the constitution of the Association.
Giovanni Ugo Francesco Broggi | Italy
Armando Jorge Basso |  Argentine
Ling Feng | China
Giancarlo Guizzardi | Italy
Guillermo Saùl, Fernàndez Molina | Argentine
Enrique Ferrer Rodriguez | Spain
Lucia Benvenuti | Italy
Yoko Kato  | Japan
Engelbert Knosp  | Austria
Luiz Carlos de Alencastro | Brazil
Yves Keravel | France
Concezio Di Rocco | Italy

Ordinary members: Those who will join the Association after its constitution and who carry out their activities primarily in the field of neurosurgery, otoneurosurgery and interventional neuroradiology
Honorary members: Those who have significantly contributed to the development and progress of mini-invasive neurosurgery.
Supporting members: Those who will join the Association after its constitution and who are interested in participating in the Association activities independently from the activity carried on
Junior members: Those who work in the field of mini-invasive neurosurgery without being independent consultants and thus the residents, scholarship holders and the free-lancers in general.

All members over eighteen years have equal rights and duties as well as the equal right to vote during general assemblies and the equal right to participate in the active/passive electorate in the organizational offices.